Handling Cats With Care Just So Necessary

low stress handling

You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back. Oh, scrap it then. You’re really no good are you. You certainly do not have those fine sharp claws that I have. Think I’ll just get on with my own scratching if you don’t mind. And just why am I so darn scratchy? Why do I need to scratch this much? It is not as though I did not do a thoroughly good cleaning if you do not mind me saying so. Oh, the joys and stresses of being a low-key or highly stressed feline these days. Cats are among the most sensitive of creatures in the animal kingdom.

No matter what for or why, they need low stress handling. This is a set of techniques that a specialist veterinarian will be taking into account when attending to the diagnostics, the treatment and the care of the distressed, injured or ill cat. But if you are a cat lover like I know you are, then you can do things too to chirp me up. For one thing, I learned that you no longer need to give me milk. Being so sensitive, I’ve also discovered that I am lactose intolerant. Just a clean bowl of water at a medium to cool temperature is all I need to quench my thirst.

And these days, it is a good idea to give cats natural and organic food. The cat’s diet will still be based on high protein content. Not so much that it is in keeping with my canine nature, I just happen to love a good chunk of minced beef or fish or chicken. And I am getting quite hungry just as we miaow. You do not miaow? Oh well, more stress for me then, I suppose.